The Spruce Eats: The 10 Best Wine Tools of 2020

November 09, 2020 2 min read

The Spruce Eats: The 10 Best Wine Tools of 2020

Our Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer made runner-up in the best wine aerator according to the article, "The 10 Best Wine Tools of 2020" by The Spruce Eats this year.

Our Vintorio GoodGlassware Personal Decanter made the list for Best Decanter though! 

What was said about our Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer:

This aerator from Vintorio is designed to attach directly to the neck of a wine bottle. After the aerator is placed, the wine can be poured as usual, and will bubble as it flows through the aerator. This design makes it easy to place the entire bottle of wine on a table and pass it around, aerator and all. Everyone at the table will experience a freshly aerated glass of wine.

What was said about our GoodGlassware Personal Decanter

When it comes to decanters, there’s some accounting for taste. Most likely, this is an object that will sit on your dinner table, so you want to love the way it looks. For function, the important things to keep in mind are surface area and ease of pouring. The point of decanting is to expose the wine to oxygen. A decanter with a large base will allow the wine to spread out. This increased surface area speeds up the decanting process by exposing more wine to air at one time.

Of course, it still needs to function as a serving vessel. Pouring your wine onto a sheet pan would expose it to air quickly, but unfortunately, it would be next to impossible to serve it. This decanter from GoodGlassware features a wide base and a slim neck with an angled spout for ease of pouring. 

Vintorio GoodGlassware Personal Decanter on the Spruce Eats

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