What Is the Bernoulli Effect in Wine Aerators?

The Bernoulli effect is a principle that states that as the speed of a fluid (such as air or liquid) increases, its pressure decreases. This relationship is based on the conservation of energy and is explained by the equation of Bernoulli, which relates the pressure, velocity, and height of a fluid.

Our wine aerators rely on the Bernoulli effect and are designed to increase the speed of the wine as it passes through the aerator, which in turn decreases its pressure. This decrease in pressure allows air to be drawn into the wine, increasing its exposure to oxygen and allowing the wine to "breathe."

The oxygen that is drawn into the wine reacts with the wine's components, releasing volatile aroma compounds and other volatile organic compounds. This process of exposing wine to oxygen is known as aeration, and it can greatly improve the taste and aroma of the wine by releasing more of its full potential.

Vintorio Omni Wine Aerator

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