Vintorio Round Wooden Cheese Board with Handle and Cheese Knives

Elevate your cheese plate experience with the right tools. No wine and cheese party would be complete without a fancy platter to showcase your best recipes.  Great housewarming gift for the charcuterie and cheese lover.

  • The Vintorio Cheese Board and Knife Bundle includes two (2) items: one (1) Vintorio Wooden Cheese Board - Round 12" Serving Plate with Handle and one (1) Vintorio Cheese Knife Set (3-Piece, Stainless Steel, Gold Finish).

    * Items may ship separately depending on inventory

  • Set the mood for a romantic date, an evening with friends and family, or a casual brunch party! Guests will be charmed by the chic, warm design of the Vintorio 12" Round Magnetic Cheese Board. Use for everything from a serving board to an extra cutting board for the kitchen counter.

    Small magnets built into the board keep your favorite knives or utensils – like our Vintorio Cheese Knife Set – securely in place when not in use. Taking up minimal space, the board can be displayed on a shelf next to your favorite kitchenware or hung on the wall by its stainless steel handle.

    Acacia wood is known for more than its attractive grain patterns and warm color. It's a highly renewable material and one of the hardest woods available (harder than maple and oak.) It is also naturally water-resistant, nonporous, and low maintenance. Acacia is not prone to scraping or scratches, making it ideal for regular use.

  • The gold, titanium-plated stainless steel cheese utensil set includes must-haves like a chisel knife, cheese fork, and spreader that can handle hard, soft, and crumbly cheese, pies, pastries, olives, fruit, and cured meats with ease.

    Perfect for holiday soirées, wedding feasts, birthday bashes, or engagement parties. The gold cutlery set serves as both a decorative accessory and a functional tool that’ll provide loved ones with many years of use and complement both modern and vintage styles.

    Dishwasher-safe for busy kitchens and holiday parties. The compact, lightweight design also makes it easier to store or hang serving utensils when not in use.

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Product Specifications

    • Become the Master of Cheese Entertaining - No wine and cheese party would be complete without a fancy tray to showcase your best recipes, savory dips (like hummus), nuts, cakes, pastries, crackers, and creamy cheeses.
    • The Bread and Butter of Your Kitchen Decor - Behind every holiday event or gathering – Christmas, birthdays, housewarming, weddings, bridal showers, or engagement parties – there’s a cheese board that keeps hungry guests happy. Proudly display your finest appetizers with this stylish, solid wood platter.
    • Gouda Design - Elegantly made with impeccable craftsmanship. The smooth, natural acacia wood is durable yet gentle on knives, sustainable, and water-resistant. The stainless steel handle in a brushed gold finish resists corrosion and stands the test of time.
    • Magnetic and Easy to Store - Proudly display and hang the tray by its handle when not in use. Clever built-in magnets hold any serving utensils in place for compact, no-fuss storage. The 12” (30 cm) size is a great idea for tight kitchen countertops, small apartments, and even taking with you on picnics.
    • Natural Wood Disclaimer: Wood is a natural material. Each piece of wood is unique. There will be variations, including knots, texture, and grain variations. Each wood product that you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the natural acacia wood material. We cannot control or guarantee the exact look of any board.
    • Please note that the Vintorio Cheese Board and Knife Set does not include any food.
    • Product Dimensions: Each round cheese board has a diameter of 30 cm (12 inches). Each cheese knife/utensil is 13.3 cm (5.24 inches) tall
    • Package Dimensions: Cheese Board - 30 x 30 x 1.5cm (11.81 x 11.81 x 0.59 inches); Cheese Knife Set - 10 x 13.3 x 0.2 cm (3.94 x 5.24 x 0.08 inches)
    • Item Weight: Cheese Board - 860g (1.9 lbs); Cheese Knife Set - 100 g (0.22 lbs)
    • Item Model Number(s): Wood Cheese Board and Knife Set Bundle - VCBSB02, Cheese Board ONLY - VNWCB01, Cheese Knife Set (3P) ONLY - VBCKS03
    • Materials: Cheese board - Acacia Wood, Stainless Steel; Cheese Knife Set - Titanium-plated Stainless Steel with a Gold Finish
    • Manufacturer: Vintorio

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean and maintain the cheese board?

We recommend hand washing in warm, soapy water with a soft rag or sponge, and hand dry and/or air dry upright. In order to avoid scratching or damaging the wood, do not use abrasive materials like a scouring pad or metal scrubber, and do not leave submerged in water.

As with all natural wood products, we recommend applying food-grade oil (e.g. mineral oil) to the board to prolong the life of your product.

What kind of wood is acacia?

Acacia wood is known for more than its attractive grain patterns and warm color. It's a highly renewable material and one of the hardest woods available (harder than maple and oak.) It is also naturally water-resistant, nonporous, and low maintenance. Acacia is not prone to scraping or scratches, making it ideal for regular use.

  • Water-resistant and nonporous
  • Smooth, dense, and scratch-resistant
  • Doesn't stain, bend, or warp easily
How big is the round cheese board?

The Vintorio Cheese Board has a diameter of about 12 inches or 30 cm which is comparable to a large dinner plate or a small to medium serving platter. It’s big enough for you and your friends (but not too big that you’re stuck with a ton of empty space to fill) for warm, intimate dinners.

  • Product Dimensions: Diameter of 30 cm (12 inches)
  • Packaging Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 1.5cm (11.81 x 11.81 x 0.59 inches) / 860g (1.9 lbs)
What else can I serve on this platter?
Bring your ‘A’ game to movie or date night! Even the most casual get-togethers deserve a little upgrade in the snack department. Impress guests with a beautiful platter full of your favorite savory snacks, party dips, and spreads! And don't forget to bring something sweet to complement the salty! Use as a Butter Board, Cake Tray, Antipasto or Appetizer Platter, Charcuterie Plate, Cheese Plate, Veggie Tray, or Breakfast/Brunch Tray for waffles and bacon.
Is the cheese board travel-friendly?

Yes, we'd like to think so! If you're planning a day of wine tasting outdoors, it’s easy to pack a picture-perfect picnic with the Vintorio Cheese Board! The board is lightweight, uncomplicated, and can be carried by the steel handle. Just choose a few kinds of cheese, add some bread, and throw in some sweet or savory elements for an easy & elegant feast that will complement those wines perfectly.

Would this make a good gift?
You'll be delighted to know that foodies would love this brie-lliant gift! Cheese boards are not just for gifting or hosting during the holidays! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Engagements, Game Day, Mother's Day, or a special birthday, the chic serving platter makes a wonderful gift all year 'round.
Is the cheese knife set all-purpose?
Our 3-piece cheese knife set will cover just about all your cheese and non-dairy cheese needs without intimidating beginners. Having a few serving tools are pretty handy when entertaining and adds a special touch to your cheeseboard!
  • Chisel knife has a paddle shape with a single sharp edge that can cut vertically at hard cheeses
  • Cheese fork can be used for serving or holding firm cheeses in place while cutting
  • Cheese spreader can be used as a spatula for smearing cheese on crackers or bread
What’s the best way to cut cheese?
When it comes to cutting cheese rounds with a cheese knife, many experts recommend cutting from the rind to the middle into wedges like you would with a pizza or cake. As you get closer to the rind, the flavor profile changes, and you'll get a better contrast of flavors with a wedge shape.
How durable are the stainless steel knives?
Rest assured that the titanium-plated, stainless steel knives can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use while maintaining their sharpness and resisting scratches and corrosion. That means that these cheese knives are very low maintenance and you'll be able to keep these knives in great condition for years to come!

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