The Vintorio Stiletto Wine Opener

Vintorio has produced the perfect tool to merge art and functionality. It’s a sculptural piece in which every moment that you drink wine becomes more meaningful. We created the Stiletto Wine Opener with quality, convenience, and beauty in mind.

How to Use the Vintorio Stiletto Wine Opener

The Stiletto Wine Opener is a classic lever-style wine opener with a unique shape. Follow these instructions to effortlessly open any bottle of wine:

  1. Pull the lever up to raise corkscrew and place opener over the top of the bottle. Once in place, grip and squeeze the base over the bottle neck.
  2. Lower the lever to insert corkscrew into the cork and then slowly raise the lever back up to remove cork from the bottle opening.
  3. You can now release the cork and enjoy your wine!

How to Release the Cork

Once you get the hang of it, releasing the cork is deceptively simple! Just pump the lever once more and the cork will drop out.

  1. Hold the wine opener while the cork is still inside.
  2. Lift up the wine opener's lever and the cork will drop out easily.

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