Where to Find Vintorio

Currently vintorio.com only ships within the United States. However, some of our products are available to ship internationally through the retailers and marketplaces below.

Our Vintorio and GoodGlassware products are also available to purchase through Amazon at amazon.com/vintorio and can be shipped internationally via Amazon.

Please double-check the seller and product to verify that it is an authentic product. Unfortunately, we've heard a lot of complaints that third-party sellers are copying our wine accessories like our patented Vintorio Wine Aerator and selling them at a lower cost with potentially dangerous, inferior materials. We spent a lot of time perfecting our wine accessories to make the best possible product with the safest, highest-quality materials.

We at Vintorio Wine Accessories want to protect our community of wine lovers and want to make sure that you receive the best possible product directly from the source. We cannot honor the product warranty to those who purchase their product from a fake seller. We ask that you be careful when purchasing from third-parties or buy our products directly from our website, vintorio.com.


Canada (Online) - amazon.ca

Mexico (Online) - amazon.com.mx

United States (Online) - vintorio.com

United States (Online) - amazon.com

United States (Online) - walmart.com


France (Online) - amazon.fr

Germany (Online) -amazon.de

Italy (Online) - amazon.it

Spain (Online) -amazon.es

United Kingdom (Online) - amazon.co.uk


Japan (Online) - amazon.co.jp

Singapore (Online) - amazon.sg

South Korea (Online) - vintorio.co.kr

South Korea (Online) - Naver Store

South Korea (Online) - Coupang

South Korea (Online) - SSG (Shinsegae)

South Korea (Online) - WEMAKEPRICE

South Korea (Online) - 11ST

South Korea (Online) - GMARKET

South Korea (Online) - LOTTE ON

South Korea (Online) - FUNSHOP

South Korea (Online) - HIVER

South Korea (Online) - INTERPARK

South Korea (Online) - CJ ONSTYLE

South Korea (Online) - KAKAO SHOPPING

South Korea (Online) - KAKAO GIFT

South Korea (Online) - Market Kurly

South Korea (Online) - BAEMIN (Woowa Bros.)

South Korea (Offline) - Spacewadiz

South Korea (Offline) - ARTBOX

South Korea (Offline) - EMART

South Korea (Offline) - LOTTEMART

South Korea (Offline) - STAR BOTTLE

South Korea (Offline) - ARC-N-BOOK

South Korea (Offline) - KT&G Sangsangmadang

South Korea (Offline) - Wine & More

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