Vintorio Citadel Crystal Wine Decanter with Stopper Lid

As wine lovers ourselves, we created an elegant and classic crystal wine decanter from the perspective of wine drinkers. The result is the Citadel Crystal Wine Decanter; artisanally handblown from 100% lead-free crystal, beautiful, functional, and durable enough to last a lifetime.

The Citadel Wine Decanter is made with extra thick walls to ensure durability and prevent cracking/chipping, and designed with a large breathable surface area for wine to unleash its full aromas.

✔  Extra thick, lead-free crystal for durability and brilliance
✔  Uniquely indented aerating punt allows for a firm, easy grip and stable pour
✔  Silicone cap for dust-free storage and to prevent chipping
✔  Large breathable surface area for wine to unleash its full aromas

Each wine decanter is 11.2 inches tall with an 8.5-inch diameter base. It can also hold 2300 ml or 77.77 ounces. Perfect for a standard 750 ml bottle of wine with room for more!

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Why You'll Love It

Unlike some decanters, the Citadel won’t break with just one glance. The Vintorio Crystal Citadel Wine Decanter is beautiful, functional, and built to stand the test of time. Each decanter is individually hand blown with extra thick, lead-free crystal to prevent cracking or chipping. The decanter has a wide 8.5-inch diameter base with an inner aerator groove or “punt” which allows for an easy, more engaging, and interactive decanting experience. Easy clean-up and perfect for a standard 750 mL wine bottle.

Product Specifications

    • Timeless Design, Everlasting Brilliance - As a wine lover you need a decanter that is beautiful, practical, and durable, but a decanter is MORE than just an aerator or a decorative carafe… The Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter is crafted for experts and enthusiasts alike and is guaranteed to make your wine experience exceptional
    • Artisanally Blown Lead-free Crystal - We believe that decanters should be sturdy enough to stay with their masters for decades, and at the same time retain their luster and shine. That is why each Citadel Wine Decanter is individually hand blown with extra thick lead free crystal for maximum brilliance and durability
    • Aerate Your Wine Thoroughly With a Swirl - The Vintorio Citadel Decanter has a wide 8.5-inch diameter base with an inner aerator groove or “punt” which allows for a more engaging and interactive decanting experience. Perfect for a standard 750 ml bottle of wine and also helps separate sediment. Freely swirl and slosh your wine around to fully bring out your wine’s rich aroma and taste
    • Stylishly Designed for the Perfect Pour - The Citadel Decanter’s uniquely indented punt allows for a firm easy grip and stable pour by allowing the decanter to be held at the base near it's center of gravity. Avoid the awkward pour! Every decanter also comes with a silicone cap to prevent dust settling inside your carafe during storage
    • Package Dimensions: 25.5 x 25.5 x 33 cm (25.5 x 25.5 x 33 inches)
    • Item Weight: 1kg (2.2 lbs)
    • Item Model Number(s): vwd01
    • Unit Capacity: 2300 mL (77.7 oz)
    • Unit Height: 27.5 cm (10.83 inches)
    • Materials: 100% lead-free crystal glass and BPA-free, food-grade rubber (stopper)
    • Package Includes: Vintorio Citadel Crystal Wine Decanter, Rubber Stopper, and User Manual
    • Manufacturer: Vintorio

Seen In

Vintorio Citadel Crystal Wine Decanter in Private Lives K-drama

The Vintorio Omni Wine Aerator and Citadel Decanter was used on the set of Private Lives, a South Korean Television Show (released in 2020)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the stopper be used to keep wine poured from getting old?
Unfortunately, not for long. We always recommend finishing the wine before there is a risk of spoilage! However, we understand that this is not always possible. The included rubber stopper has a tight (but not completely airtight) seal.
What kind of warranty does Vintorio have?
Vintorio offers a lifetime guarantee, or lifetime warranty, for all verified purchases of all our products, including the Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter. If you are unsatisfied with your product in any way, contact us at and we'll make things right. Buy yours today and say hello to a lifetime of phenomenal wine enjoyment.
What's included with the purchase of my Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter?
Each Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter comes with a black, rubber stopper lid to prevent dust from settling while in storage.
Is the Vintorio Citadel Decanter dishwasher-safe?
Yes, the Vintorio Citadel Decanter is dishwasher-safe, but to prolong the life of the decanter, we recommend handwashing the glass decanter with a cleaning brush.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Jesse Busalacchi

Excellent well made.

Keith B
Great decanter, use it at least once a week

I have some older wines that seemed to have lost a bit of their character.So I went on the hunt to find a way to bring out the flavor in my wines.I looked at a number of decanters and picked this one.It's great.The shape is super and works super well.It is easy to grip and pour.I was surprised how little of it is filled up by one full wine bottle.You could put a couple bottles in there!It is probably bigger than it needs to be, but it is a beautiful glass piece.It is easy to clean.I highly recommend it.

Great Wine Decanter

Love to have my red wine breath for few minutes.Look very sturdy.

Christine Price
Hard to break

Nice carafe. Thick glass

Robert Schuessler
Great looks : easy pour

This is all you could ask for in a wine decanter. It looks great and is crystal clear. The thumb indentation in the bottom makes for an easy pour.It is stoutly built and will take the bumps and bangs of heavy use.

Thick crystal, beautiful luster, classic shape

I bought this as an anniversary gift for my wife after reading dozens of other reviews. I was a bit worried about the thickness but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. I'll measure with calipers and update soon but I'd say its around 1/4inch (6-7mm). It seems robust enough to sustain a short fall onto a softer hard surface like a wooden table. Despite being so thick, it is quite refined in its shape. As such and with the right light, it can be both a center piece or disappear on a full table. We don't drink much, but we do like to entertain and we have used it for both water and wine. It won't however turn the former into the latter. The stopper fits well and the whole thing is easy to wash with a soak and a simple bottle brush, though there may be a better tool for the job. In any case, the value here is as good as it is beautiful. Looking forward to a lifetime of use.

Very nice, very heavy, and very big

First, no decanter is going to be easy to clean. Get used to it. Rinse it out, pour the water out, get up the next morning and pour the water out again.There is really no easy way to clean or dry any decanter. Now for the good stuff. This is a big decanter. A standard 750ML bottles of wine will not fill it to the widest point of the decanter, two bottles would probably do it perfectly, but I haven't tried it yet with two bottles of wine. Maybe when thecovid crap is done, I'll have friend over to see. The glass is good and thick, which I think is a good thing.Seems to be very well made and with the punt, it's easy to handle with two hands. I've hit the rime with a couple of bottles and have not chipped it, but it is glass after all, so be careful. I'm very happy with it, and would buy it again.

Elizbeth J Beye
Attractive piece at a good price

A good price for very nice wine decanter, attractive and good quality.

Garry T.
This is one of the best

Wine enthusiasts recommend decanting red wines in order to fully enjoy their character.I've tried several different carafe designs over the years and I find this decanter to stand out from the rest by far.The design really helps in fully "opening up" the wine and allowing it to breathe.I like that I can decant two bottles of wine on those occasions when I am entertaining multiple guests, but yet it is not too large to use every night when it's just wine for two.

James Long

Very easy to hold and pour. Wonderful product, and elegantly beautiful

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