Vintorio Citadel Crystal Wine Decanter with Silicone Lid

As wine lovers ourselves, we created an elegant and classic crystal wine decanter from the perspective of wine drinkers. The result is the Citadel Crystal Wine Decanter; artisanally handblown from 100% lead-free crystal, beautiful, functional, and durable enough to last a lifetime.

The Citadel Wine Decanter is made with extra thick walls to ensure durability and prevent cracking/chipping, and designed with a large breathable surface area for wine to unleash its full aromas.

The Citadel Wine Decanter also comes with a silicone stopper/lid for dust-free storage when not in use.

Each wine decanter is 11.2 inches tall with an 8.5-inch diameter base. It can also hold 2300 ml or 77.77 ounces. Perfect for a standard 750 ml bottle of wine with room for more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Jesse Busalacchi

Excellent well made.

Keith B
Great decanter, use it at least once a week

I have some older wines that seemed to have lost a bit of their character.So I went on the hunt to find a way to bring out the flavor in my wines.I looked at a number of decanters and picked this one.It's great.The shape is super and works super well.It is easy to grip and pour.I was surprised how little of it is filled up by one full wine bottle.You could put a couple bottles in there!It is probably bigger than it needs to be, but it is a beautiful glass piece.It is easy to clean.I highly recommend it.

Great Wine Decanter

Love to have my red wine breath for few minutes.Look very sturdy.

Christine Price
Hard to break

Nice carafe. Thick glass

Robert Schuessler
Great looks : easy pour

This is all you could ask for in a wine decanter. It looks great and is crystal clear. The thumb indentation in the bottom makes for an easy pour.It is stoutly built and will take the bumps and bangs of heavy use.

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