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Lifetime Warranty

If you've purchased the Vintorio Wine Aerator or any other Vintorio products on Amazon or on our website, simply contact us through our customer service team at with any proof of purchase, and we’ll be able to send your replacement right away!

Wenn Sie unseren Vintorio Weinbelüfter bei Amazon gekauft haben und Fragen zur lebenslangen Garantie haben, wenden Sie sich einfach mit Ihrer Bestellnummer und Adresse an unser Team unter! Ihr Produkt wird bei technischen Problemen, die unter die Garantie fallen, ersetzt oder repariert!

Si vous avez acheté notre aérateur de vin Vintorio sur Amazon et vous avez des questions sur la garantie à vie, contactez simplement notre équipe à avec votre numéro de commande et votre adresse! Votre produit sera remplacé ou réparé en cas de problème technique couvert par la garantie!

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer | Usage

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer Usage:

1. Gently connect the air tube to the main pourer unit. Little to no force should be applied when connecting these two parts as the air tube may break if put under significant pressure.

2. Insert the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer into your bottle of wine with the pouring end pointing upwards. For easy insertion, wipe the rubber gasket with a damp piece of cloth before inserting the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer into the bottle.

3. Pour your wine and listen to the bubbling sounds that are made as the wine flows through the aerator. This indicates your wine is thoroughly being aerated.

4. Enjoy your glass of perfectly aerated wine!

To use your aerator like a pro, try tasting your wine right after you open the bottle, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes after opening the bottle. You will notice that your wine tastes different every time. Now you know when your favorite wine tastes best.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer Re-assembly:

1. Make sure that the clear spout is pointing down (with the Vintorio Logo facing up) and the three air holes on the black plastic flow regulator unit are also facing up. * The clear acrylic piece and the black flow regulator unit will not create a leak-free seal if this is not done properly.

2. Align the rectangular nodes on the bottom end of the clear acrylic spout with the grooves on the top opening of the black flow regulator and put the two units together.

3. Hold the black plastic flow regulator unit in place and twist the clear acrylic pour spout clockwise to fasten the two units.

4. Connect the air tube to the main pourer unit and your Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer is ready to be used.

The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer’s aerating chamber injects air bubbles directly into the wine, instantly releasing aromas and flavors. You can actually see the air bubbles in the wine being poured! For more in depth information as to why you should aerate your wine, please visit this link.

To clean, simply twist and detach the acrylic spout from the flow regulator. Rinse all pieces under warm water.

* Please do not use abrasive materials as this will result in scratching of the plastic/acrylic material.

Yes! The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer can be used to aerate all wines including red, rosé, orange, and white wines. We've even seen our Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer being used to aerate certain liquors, cognacs, whiskey, and coffee!

The Vintorio Aerator Pourer is not meant to be used as a bottle stop and will continue to aerate if left in. Remove the Vintorio and cork the bottle as you normally would. Rinse the Vintorio after use and keep it handy for when you reopen your wine.

It might be a little tricky to use our Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer on boxed wine as the pourer was designed to perfectly fit standard 750mL bottles of wine. If you're a boxed wine lover, we highly recommend using the Vintorio Omni Wine Aerator so you can pour directly from the boxed wine through the Omni and into your glass!

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer | Materials

That's a great question! The reason why we chose to make the clear spout out of acrylic instead of glass is because of durability! Glass has the potential to shatter, and we wouldn't want you to get hurt!

Yes! The Vintorio Wine Aerating Pourer is manufactured with the highest-quality, BPA-free, FDA-approved materials.

Unfortunately, we've heard a lot of complaints that third-party sellers are copying our wine accessories and selling them at a lower cost with potentially dangerous, inferior materials. We spent a lot of time perfecting our wine accessories to make the best possible product with the safest, highest-quality materials.

We at Vintorio Wine Accessories want to protect our Vintorio community of wine lovers and want to make sure that you receive the best possible product directly from the source. We cannot honor our Lifetime Guarantee to those who purchase their product from a fake seller. We ask that you be careful when purchasing from Amazon or buy our products directly from our website,

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer | Troubleshooting

If the rubber gasket of your aerator “scrunches up” or if you have a hard time inserting your aerator into your bottle, it is because the rubber gasket was stored in a dry area. To resolve this issue, simply wipe the rubber gasket with a damp piece of cloth and try again.

If you're still having trouble, contact us directly at

Oh, no! These things can happen, and we completely understand! Please contact us at and we'll be able to send a replacement right away!

A leak in the Vintorio Aerator Pourer may mean that there is something wrong with the seal between the clear spout and black plastic flow regulator. The seam between the two units is usually very tight because it is sealed with a clear rubber washer, and will not leak unless there is something wrong with the washer. Here is how to fix it:

1. Make sure that the Vintorio Logo and the three air holes are facing the same direction. Some users assemble the Vintorio Aerator UPSIDE DOWN, this will not create a leak-free seal and will cause wine to leak out of the air holes when pouring.

2. Make sure the clear rubber washer on the bottom on the clear spout is not lost/missing. The clear rubber washer is glued on to the spout but may sometimes get lost during cleaning.

Contact us at if you have any questions and/or need a replacement! All our products are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Une fuite dans le verseur de l'aérateur Vintorio peut signifier qu'il y a un problème avec le joint entre le bec transparent et le régulateur de débit en plastique noir. Le joint entre les deux unités est généralement très serré car il est scellé avec une rondelle en caoutchouc transparent et ne fuira pas à moins qu'il y ait un problème avec la rondelle.

1. Assurez-vous que le logo Vintorio et les trois trous d'aération sont dans la même direction. Certains utilisateurs assemblent le Vintorio Aerator à l'envers. Cela ne créera pas un joint étanche et provoquera une fuite du vin par les trous d'air lors du versement.

2. Assurez-vous que la rondelle en caoutchouc transparent sur le fond du bec transparent n'est pas perdue / manquante. La rondelle en caoutchouc transparent est collée sur le bec mais peut parfois se perdre pendant le nettoyage.

Contactez-nous à si vous avez des questions et / ou avez besoin d'un remplacement! Tous nos produits sont couverts par notre garantie à vie.

Ein Leck im Vintorio Aerator Pourer kann dazu führen, dass die Dichtung zwischen dem durchsichtigen Auslauf und dem schwarzen Durchflussregler aus Kunststoff nicht stimmt. Die Naht zwischen den beiden Einheiten ist normalerweise sehr eng, da sie mit einer durchsichtigen Gummischeibe abgedichtet ist und nicht ausläuft, es sei denn, mit der Unterlegscheibe stimmt etwas nicht.

1. Stellen Sie sicher, dass das Vintorio-Logo und die drei Luftlöcher in dieselbe Richtung zeigen. Einige Benutzer montieren den Vintorio Aerator verkehrt herum. Dadurch entsteht keine leckagefreie Abdichtung und der Wein tritt beim Gießen aus den Luftlöchern aus.

2. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die durchsichtige Gummischeibe unten am durchsichtigen Auslauf nicht verloren geht / fehlt. Die durchsichtige Gummischeibe ist auf den Auslauf geklebt, kann jedoch beim Reinigen manchmal verloren gehen.

Kontaktieren Sie uns unter, wenn Sie Fragen haben und / oder einen Ersatz benötigen! Alle unsere Produkte unterliegen unserer lebenslangen Garantie.

Vintorio Omni Wine Aerator | Usage

The Vintorio Omni Wine Aerator can be used standalone or in combination with a decanter like the Citadel Crystal Decanter.

1. First, place a glass under the Omni Wine Aerator and pour wine through the wide opening of the top decanting cradle.

2. As you pour into the cradle, you will see the wine spray and spread through the inner wall of the wine aerator like a fountain before it flows through the lower spout.

3. As wine flows through the opening of the spout, the difference in pressure will inject air into the wine. You will be able to see a massive amount of bubbles in the glass of wine poured which is an indicator of thorough aeration.

4. Enjoy your glass of perfectly aerated wine!

We suggest hand-washing the Omni Wine Aerator before and after use with warm water. The Omni Wine Aerator can be disassembled by removing the inner cup-shaped decanting cradle from the main unit.

Vintorio Omni Wine Aerator | Troubleshooting

We are so sorry! Please send an email to with your order number (if you have one) and your address, so we can send you a replacement. All our products are covered by a lifetime warranty

Vintorio Waiter's Corkscrew | Usage

The Vintorio Double-Hinged Waiter's Corkscrew has a classic corkscrew design. Video instructions can be seen on our YouTube channel.

1. If the wine foil does not have a pull-tab, you can simply hold the built-in foil cutter below the lower lip of the bottle and cut around the circumference.

2. With the tip of the spiral slightly off center so that the worm itself is positioned at the center of the cork, twist the spiral down the center leaving only one curl showing.

3. Push in and hold the top notch of the lever steady against the lip of the wine bottle while using your other hand to gently lift up the rubber handle to draw out the cork.

4. Once you’ve pulled the cork out as far as possible, reposition to and push in the bottom notch of the lever.

5. Lift the handle up again and pull to finish cork extraction. The cork should slide out cleanly. If it’s still slightly stuck, gently wiggle the cork from side to side, pulling upwards slightly until it pops out.

Vintorio Waiter's Corkscrew | Troubleshooting

We are so sorry! Please send an email to with your order number (if you have one) and your address, so we can send you a replacement. All our products are covered by a lifetime warranty


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